✨ Make your Dreams come true! 🌟 Here's the Manual:

If you feel stuck in your life, left behind or that Fate/God/Karma/Universe is always favoring others, but rarely you ...


What most people never learn (but you are about to discover) is that DREAMS BECOME REALITY! If you fight for them. If you go out there and MAKE them a new Reality!

🌟 In this Manual, you will learn: 🌟

🌟 The 7 Steps from Dream to Reality - Flint’s own system he invented 20y ago for his students!

🌟 How to apply the VERITAO System in your daily life to make Big Life Dreams become Reality!

🌟 The 3 biggest Mistakes almost everybody makes when it comes to Realizing Dreams!

🌟 The 7 elemental Differences between DREAMS and WISHES.

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Why FREE, you ask?

Because I live what I teach.

I have written 36 books, many of them selling for $37 and $49.

I could sell this valuable book as well, but I want to live in a better Tomorrow. And if this book can help many people DREAM BIGGER, create more solutions and jobs and hope and confidence, this book may be my little contribution - along with my own daily application of the principles you will learn. It took me several decades of experience to condense this wisdom into these 22 Multimedia Pages. The ONLY thing I ask you for in return is:


Oh, and: tell your friends about it!

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so that they, too, can make their dreams come true.

Deal? You promise? 🙂

Okay. Then it shall be yours.

May it help you to create a remarkable Life

full of impact, happiness, and awesome stories

to tell your grandkids one day.

Your friend Flint.

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Because your Dreams of Today

are our Reality Tomorrow!

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